Answers to Anorexia: A Breakthrough Nutritional Treatment That Is Saving Lives

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Answers to Anorexia: A Breakthrough Nutritional Treatment That Is Saving Lives

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    This book offers the first new medical treatment plan in 50 years for anorexia nervosa, the "self-starvation" disease that affects adolescents and women of all ages in the U.S. and is now increasingly common in men.

    Written by a leading psychiatrist and eating disorder expert, the book is based on cutting-edge research on nutritional deficiencies in anorexia that have been long ignored, and the use of a simple but revolutionary brain test that can help psychiatrists select the best medication for each individual person. James Greenblatt, MD, explains that anorexia is a complex disorder with genetic, biological, psychological, and cultural contributing factors. In other words, anorexia is not primarily a psychiatric illness as has been believed for so long; rather, it is a medical illness of starvation that causes malnutrition in the body and the brain. Successful treatment must focus on correcting this malnutrition.

    Dr. Greenblatt has helped many patients with anorexia recover simply by correcting their nutritional deficiencies, and here he explains specifically which nutrients must be supplemented as part of treatment. Answers to Anorexia finally offers patients and their families new hope for successful treatment of this serious, frustrating, and enigmatic illness.

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    James M Greenblatt

    James Greenblatt, MD, has been using a personalized model of integrative medicine to treat depression for more than twenty-five years and has seen thousands of patients improve and recover. He is a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine having treated patients with mood disorders and complex eating disorders since 1990. He is currently the chief medical offer and vice president of medical services at Walden Behavior Care in Waltham, Massachusetts, and an assistant clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston.

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