Breakthrough Depression Solution: A Personalized Model for Relief from Depression - 2nd Edition

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Breakthrough Depression Solution: A Personalized Model for Relief from Depression - 2nd Edition

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    Master your mood with nutrition, diet and supplementation.

    The ideas as to what causes depression are not based on strong science, and our treatments are not working nearly as well as they should. Psychiatry is in crisis. The usual treatment mode (typically based solely on a subjective psychiatric examination and construction of a symptom list) often leads to psychiatrists blindly searching for a medication that might work. Other factors such as nutrition, toxins, hormones, allergies, biochemical risks, and medical disorders are typically ignored.

    No amount of changing this approach will work because the basic underlying concepts are wrong. We need an entirely new way of looking at patients. We must stop treating them according to lists of subjective symptoms, and we must stop acting as if one person were the same as the next. Instead, we must start seeing patients as individuals and then diagnose and treat their disorders accordingly.

    James Greenblatt, MD, a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, has been successfully treating patients with nutritional and metabolic therapies for more than twenty-five years. In this book, he provides a personalized model of integrative medicine for mental health that can result in relief from depression and a renewed sense of emotional health. This groundbreaking book offers hope and treatment models that are proven, simple, safe, and effective.

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    "So overall, Grenblatt has added in a useful way to the voices calling for psychiatry to return to medicine, and see physical causes for physical conditions such as depression."

    The Neuropsychotherapist

    "After reading Breakthrough Depression Solution, it is unlikely that you will ever again think of mental states or conditions as unrelated to the whole person. This is an important concept that is given sound treatment by the authors. I recommend that practitioners of all related disciplines look into this book, but further, that Breakthrough Depression Solution is a fine starting point for personal mental health research and investigation."

    "I welcome the approach being offered in Breakthrough Depression Solution. It is sensible, evidence-based and often, safer, gentler interventions that heal the depression without need for antidepressants."

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    "This book is life-giving for those who suffer from depression."

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    Winnie To

    After graduating from the University of San Francisco in 2012 with a concentration in biology, Winnie began working as a research assistant in a busy integrative outpatient practice in Boston. She prepared presentations for national conferences and webinars, developed educational materials for local seminars, and wrote content for newsletters and Psychology Today blogs.

    Winnie is currently enrolled in a graduate nursing program at Regis College. She is studying to become an integrative nurse practitioner specializing in the treatment of mood disorders.

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